AUM VALLEY SCHOOL in Charbhata, Titilagarh is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, which is the largest educational board in the country.


The subjects taught in normal curriculum are English, Hindi, Maths, Science and Social Science at Primary, Middle and Secondary School level. We have Hindi and Odia as second language & third language respectively up to class VIII. In Class – IX & X student have choice to opt either Hindi or Odia as second language. At the Senior Secondary level, we offer specialization in fields of Science & Commerce.


The School prospers by having a bonding with students’ effort, parents’ suggestions and never ending unparallel dedication of the teachers.

School is a PARTNERSHIP between teachers, students, parents and the community. So, let us all work together to make our children successful in every walk of life.

Parents teacher meetings (PTM) are conducted regularly after each examination. The parents interact with the subject teachers of their wards to seek the opinions and also to collect the answer scripts of the tests conducted during the month.

On other days, parents can contact the school reception and take a prior appointment to meet the teacher to discuss their concerns.

Good Parenting Tips

  • Show you care. Your child needs hugs and words of support. Ask your child about school each day.
  • Make home a place for learning. Help your child practice reading, writing and listening. Stimulate your child’s creativity.
  • Promote healthy habits. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep , exercise and eats balanced diet.
  • Schedule regular health checkups. Insist on early to bed and early to rise.
  • Be a role model. Your child learns from you. Be positive about education and show you enjoy learning.
  • Encourage independence. Allow your child to make mistakes and learn to accept the consequences.
  • Give your child responsibilities, such as household chores.
  • Create a study routine. Set a time and a quiet place for your child to work every day.
  • Get involved. Meet your child’s teacher on appointment and attend school events.
  • Build success. Help raise your child’s self-esteem by setting reachable goals and praising your child’s efforts, not just results.
  • Insist on good attendance and punctuality.
  • Encourage your child to read good books other than the text books at least 15 minutes a day.
  • Be sure your child has all essentials, such as papers, books, school notebooks, etc.
  • Read and act on comments the teacher has made on returned assignments.
  • Support your child’s teachers as they work with your child throughout the school year.
  • Let your child’s teacher know about any situations or conditions at home that may affect your child’s ability to concentrate on schoolwork.
  • Kindly attend parent-teacher conferences for developing better rapport with the school.
  • Kindly pay the school fees in time.
  • Help raise your child’s sense of pride in making him/her realise that he\she is an integral part of the school.
  • Children must not be given any pocket money or eatables while coming to school.
  • Parents are requested to explain the rules of the school to their ward.
  • Intimate the school immediately, if there is any change in the address or telephone number.
  • Your child must carry a handkerchief everyday to school.
  • Children suffering from contagious diseases must not be sent to school.
  • There will be no re-examination taken for students who fail to appear for the Mid Term or Annual Examination.
  • Students are advised to make a valid passport to enable them to be a part of the tour abroad as and when conducted by the school.

All admissions into the school in class I and above shall be considered provisional till the Transfer Certificate of the school last attended by the student is submitted by the parents in the school office, duly counter signed by D.E.O.